About Book Chat Noir

Book Chat Noir was created in response to book review/recommendation applications doing more harm to reading than good. While being able to review books is great, the ability to do so without any degree of regulation can unfairly tarnish a book. Additionally, book recommendations powered by AI hinders the expansion of literary horizons with its lack of human intuition, creativity, and emotions.

Book Chat Noir limits the unfair tarnishing of books by decentralizing reviews. It still allows books to be reviewed, but keeps them in the reviewer’s bookshelf where they can be better gauged within context.

Book Chat Noir allows readers to expand their literary horizons by bringing in the key ingredient to a good book suggestion: the human mind of another reader. As you browse through bookshelves, you might find that the bookshelf owner hasn’t read a certain book that you’ve read in the past, but you have a feeling that they would like it based on their reading history. In that situation, you may directly suggest the book to the bookshelf owner allowing them to develop from your goodwill.